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who am i?

THAT IS THE QUESTION YOU have come here seeking to find out who I am to discover who YOU are.... I am a guide that helps YOU achieve a higher level of self, health and well-being in YOUR life.  I help awaken potential by creating trust so that YOU become intrinsically self-motivated, which means you have desire and passion to grow and transform.  We strive to help guide YOUR ability to change and develop a new set of habits and beliefs to achieve long-term health and well-being, which leads to Lifelong Transformation!


YOU are here to discover what it is that is keeping YOU from achieving the life YOU desire and deserve.  YOU want to transform YOUR life and it is YOUR desire to receive help in transforming YOUR life to be the best that YOU can be.

what do you want?

YOU want to take responsibility for YOUR health and well-being in life.  We express compassion and empathy while striving to honor YOU as the expert in YOUR own life to discover new ways to recover and move forward so YOU can have exactly what YOU want most in life.  


My responsibility is to listen well, explore what matters most to YOU, and seek to understand the challenges that have prevented YOUR progress to this point in your life.  I DO this by sharing and caring.  I strive to connect authentically to cultivate trust and discover, clarify, and align with what matters most to YOU to guide YOU through the process of self-discovery.  


A little about ME....

I am the fourth of eight kids, all born within 18 years of young parents.  I am a mother of 5 + 2 (His, Mine, and Ours) and a grandmother of eight.

Raised in Las Vegas, NV.  I knew early on that I had questions and wanted to know more about myself and how the body and mind works.

I have worked in Early Childhood, Food service owning my own catering company for over 16 years.  However, natural health & wellness has fascinated me as a young adult, mother and friend of loved ones who suffer with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health issues.  

I was a shy and reserve growing up.  I did not graduate from college, however I had a strong desire to succeed in whatever field of work I worked in.  

My search for understanding and help was when our family members experience heroin addiction.  During my search I found it was I that needed help.  As I have sought for knowledge of how the body/mind operates I discovered Hypnotherapy and other natural modalities that help in relieving pain and anxiety not only for myself but for my loved ones as well.  

The opportunity for me to attend Hypnotherapy Academy of America at the right time was a God send.  I enrolled and found my true self.

I want everyone in the world to have the access to Lifelong Optimal Health and Wellness today.  

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